Monday, April 21, 2014

C4T #4

My teacher for this C4T is Tony Baldasaro. In his latest blog post called, "9 Words", he talks about the impact that words can make on someone. The CEO at his school said, "If we are really going to change the world..." These 9 words had a bigger impact on the staff rather than saying something else like, "If we are going to get a board approval," or etc. The mission of their school is to change the world. He believes this should be all schools mission statements, and if not, they should think again.

Tony has not yet posted a new blog post, so I chose to comment on a previous blog called, "On Being Attracted". He stated that teachers and parents often say that kids are distracted from the work they are supposed to be doing because of technology. He then says that we should think about it in a different light. Maybe kids aren't that easily distracted and are more easily attracted to technology. He ends his blog post with, "It’s time we focus on being attracted and less with trying to compete with being distracted."

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