Wednesday, April 16, 2014

C4K - April

This week, I was assigned to comment on Henry's blog. He posted a google slide show about robots. He guides the robot on a path by pressing certain buttons. He would show a grid, showing what path the robot had went on. He would also give you the path through letters (the buttons he had pressed to make him go certain ways). For example: F=Forward, B=Backward, L=Left, and R=Right. So for one path it may be "LFFFFLFF". It was a really cute and interesting idea!

For my second week in April, I got Bobby-Jon. In his latest blog post called, "My Very Fabulous Friends", he posted a picture of him and his friend. Above the picture he posted, "I love my friend because he backs me up." I find it cool that he said 'backs me up', which is a type of slang that we also say in America. Booby-Jon is from New Zealand, so I find it interesting that things are said the same on the other side of the earth.

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