Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blog Post #6

Personal Learning Networks, or PLN's, are tools that you can use in your teaching. It can consist of people, applications, and other sources for learning. These PLN's can help you learn more as a teacher. This is because you can use these resources to find out information that you did not previously know. You can form PLN's by simply finding people on Twitter or other networking sites, that are professionals in the area you need help in. You can also find websites, tools, and applications that can give you information you need to know.

For the first additions of my education PLN, I would love to include two great, knowledgable teachers I have learned a lot from. That would happen to be Dr. Strange (@DrJohnHadley) and Dr. Vitulli (@PaigeVitulli). Honestly, as of now, I don't have many other people would add to my list. I will be able to add even more whenever I have new professors, colleagues, and meet other professionals.

As for tools I can use, I know a few great ones that I can use. First off, I love Twitter. Twitter is a great way stay in-the-know. You can follow professionals on Twitter, and learn things every day from what they tweet. TeacherTube is also a great way to learn, and a great resource to keep in my personal learning network. TeacherTube has education appropriate content, with many videos you can learn new things from. It is very similar to YouTube, but would not be blocked on school computers. One of my personal favorites is Pinterest. Pinterest has so many neat ideas to do in the classroom, and new things to learn. Anytime I need an idea, I go to Pinterest to help me get a jump start. You can also pin your own ideas to Pinterest so that others can see and use your ideas.

These are only the beginning of my PLN. As teachers, we will be lifetime learners. Therefore, I will continually be adding to my personal learning network. I'm eager to learn about more resources and people that I can add to my PLN to help me grow and become a better teacher in the making.


  1. Kristina, great job on describing what PLN's are! Also, I have never heard of TeacherTube... I will be checking that out real soon. Pintrest is awesome, one of my favorites... I could say I may be a little addicted. Great Post!

  2. Pinterest is a great resource to have in your PLN. The education boards are very helpful!

    Well done!