Friday, May 9, 2014

iBook Summary

For our final group project, we were asked to create an iBook or a Prezi. My group, Athens, chose to create an iBook. We named ours, "Once Upon a Time in EDM 310". This had a Disney theme that we kept throughout the iBook. I think it was really cute and enjoyable, but I am a little partial of course. Our iBook displays a lot of the things we have learned in our EDM 310 class. It consists of our favorite blogs posts, pictures that we chose, podcasts, and a lot of other things. This iBook is proof that we have learned so much this semester. It's also symbolic of a great group that I was apart of this semester. We all worked hard in this class and it also signifies success. Here are a few pictures that show a preview of our iBook. Enjoy!

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