Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blog Post #3

Peer editing is where you help out fellow classmates (whom are normally around the same age as you), to improve their writing. In the video, What is Peer Editing?, it gives you the basics of peer editing for everyday life. First, you need to give compliments to your peer, and tell them something that they did well or that you liked. This also means you need to stay positive and be kind when you give suggestions on what they should do differently. You also need to be specific when giving suggestions. Next, you would need to give corrections on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and etc.

In the slideshow, Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial, it also tells you the basic steps of peer editing. Just as the first video, it tells you to first give compliments, next you give suggestions, and last you give corrections. This slideshow is my favorite resource that we looked at for this post. I liked this the most because it gives you the same information, but I can flip through the slideshow at my own pace.

In the video, Writing Peer Reviews Top 10 Mistakes, 4th and 5th graders act out 10 things you should not do when giving peer reviews. You should not be a "Picky Patty", and pick out every little thing wrong that you see in your peers' paper. Next is "Whatever William", and he does not care about what he did wrong in his paper. "Social Sammy" socializes with all of the other group partners and does not get any work done! "Jean the Generalizer" does not give specific corrections for her peers. "Mean Margaret" is just as she sounds, she is not kind when giving her reviews. "Loud Larry" is way too loud and disruptive when giving his reviews. "Pushy Paula" insists that you take her advice, even if it is not right. "Off-Task Oliver" is always getting off the topic of the review. "Speedy Sandy" thinks it is a race to the finish to get the review done. Last but not least, "Defensive Dave" takes his feedback from his peer way too personally. I really enjoyed this video because I believe it would be a great video to show to my future students about peer editing. This video is great for students since it relates to them and is done by students.


  1. I really liked this assignment because what I came away with from it is that one should approach any peer review with a positive attitude. Complimenting on what they have already come up with can lead to improvement on those ideas along with the other's help. Naturally, giving specific examples and making grammar corrections are very important as well. :)